Why College Students Drop Out

Published: 2021-07-02 02:31:22
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College costs a lot of money. Going into college most students do not understand the expenses that come along with it. Tuition increases year by year but the majority of students either do not of black women said financial problems are the reason for them leaving school (“Money,” 2012). A job can be obtained by them to maintain but in today’s economy it can be hard for college students to find jobs because people that may have already gone to college or not are now accepting jobs that kids in college are trying to be hired for because so many of their jobs have laid everyone off.
According to Yen H. , many older people, immigrants or college graduates that are in debt are taking on teenage jobs as they search for jobs within their careers (Yen 2012). Once these kids have figured out they cannot support themselves and their parents cannot or will not support them for one reason or another, they then find themselves with no other option than to leave school. realize it or are not concerned because they are aided financially by some kind of assistance. Along with tuition, room and board, books, etc. students need personal items for their rooms. Those with cars need gas and they will also need money for all other activities they wish to participate in. 33% of black men and 26% Another reason many students drop out of school is grades. Coming straight out high school some kids do not know the severity of maintaining good grades and a satisfactory standing GPA. Students begin school enjoying the freedom of being on their own and get caught up having fun instead of focusing on their school work.
Some students on the other hand may not receive bad grades because of partying but because they are not good test takers. Opponents of No Child Left Behind say standardized tests, “promotes a narrow curriculum and drill-like "teaching to the test” (“Standardized,” 2011). Unlike high school there is not as much homework or extra credit to fall back on if one does not do well on tests. There are many students that can obtain course information but do not excel in standardized testing for reasons such as test anxiety or the limitation of the presentation of information.

This is why so many students go to class, study the information and then fail the tests. Yen, H. (2010, June 12). More than seven in 10 U. S. Teens Jobless in Summer. USA Today. Retrieved from http://usatoday30. usatoday. com/money/economy/story/2012-06-12/teen-jobs-disappearing/55555506/1 (2012, September 7). Money is a Major Factor in Why Black Students Drop Out of College. Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (Online). Proquest. Retrieved from http://0-search. proquest. com. sheba. ncat. du/docview/1038376120. (2011, July 8). Standardized Testing Pros and Cons: Latest Research Analyzed on New ProCon. org Website. Economics Week. 160. Retrieved from http://0-linksource. ebsco. com. sheba. ncat. edu/FullText. aspx? linkout=http%3a%2f%2fwww. lexisnexis. com%2fus%2flnacademic%2fapi%2fversion1%2fsr%3fshr%3dt%26csi%3d337799%26sr%3d(%2522Standardized%2520Testing%2520Pros%2520and%2520Cons%3a%2520Latest%2520Research%2520Analyzed%2520on%2520New%2520ProCon. org%2520Website%2522)%2bAND%2bDATE%2bIS%2b2011

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