Todays Cartoon Effects

Published: 2021-07-02 03:14:07
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Introduction In today’s society children and teens are positively and negatively influenced by many things including what they watch on television. In this argument I will be highlighting the television shows that they see today verses the shows, specifically cartoons, that were on television in the 80’s and 90’s and which ones have or have not had a better influence on the children and teens of the era that they were broadcast, and which era’s television shows have taught children and teens more about morals and good judgments.
Research Question Were the cartoons that were on in the 80’s and 90’s teaching children and teens more than the ones that are on television today? Research Problem Today's cartoons seem to have no meaning. They don't teach you anything at all. What happened to the meaning behind each show, teaching us what's right and wrong? Everything a child should know and not to try to do, they don't have that anymore. Some of the cartoons that they have out right now; not only do they not teach you anything, they have no meaning at all.
We have mindless, disrespectful brats being brought up in this generation because they aren’t learning from their parents, but from what they watch on television instead and what they are watching is doing nothing to instill good values or help them to learn how to make good moral judgments. Some people seem to think that the new cartoons that are weird and wacky and associated with comedians or voice actors that we have grown up with are the new great thing, but not for all of us, and certainly not for our children Thesis The cartoons of today are crude, distasteful, and unsuitable for children.

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