The Book Thief

Published: 2021-07-02 03:06:01
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Throughout Liesel Meminger’s life she learned many important and long lasting lessons. Death states how he wishes that he could tell the book thief about beauty and brutality, both of which Liesel has experienced numerous times throughout the course of her long life. The life of the book thief perfectly represents the concept of beauty in the wake of brutality. Liesel went through many heart-breaking events throughout her life. From losing her brother to the death of her beloved foster parents, Liesel stood strong through it all.
When it looked like things would never get better, she stood tall. The book thief saw beauty in everything and tried to look at the glass as being half full. Sometimes she questioned things, but she never broke down and saw the world as being completely brutal. When she lost her best friend in the world, Rudy, Liesel and the audience finally see how much she loves him. Liesel took this opportunity to see the true beauty of Rudy and to seize the moment.
Death finds that he needs to show Liesel the life lessons of beauty and brutality. Liesel lived to be a very old woman, and saw each of these things many times throughout her lifetime. Some of the most brutal things that the book thief had to face were the loss of her brother, the loss of Hans and Rosa Hubberman, and the loss of her very best friend Rudy. Unlike most people who would completely break down, Liesel showed the courage to stay strong throughout it all.

Brutality played a major part in the life of the book thief, but the brutal moments taught her to see things differently and too look at life in a more beautiful, positive way. Many moments of Liesel’s life were happy and enjoyable. When she was given the opportunity to make a happy memory, she took it. From learning to read to becoming friends with Max, the book thief had some very good moments through her lifetime. When Death says that he wants to show Liesel beauty, he must not realize that she has seen beauty almost everyday of her life.
Liesel was a happy girl and she was pleased by the simple things in life. Each thing in the book thief’s life was a small piece of beauty and when the whole puzzle was put together the life of Liesel Meminger was a perfect picture of beauty within times of brutality. Unlike most people, Liesel always looked on the bright side of situations. Even though she went through lots of hard times, she held her head high. The book thief was a young girl who never failed to see the beauty within the wake of brutality.

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