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Published: 2021-07-02 02:48:16
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Rescue Me St. John Ambulance Team In school periods, students can join sports, news editing, cheerleading teams, and other academia groups. My alma mater was Chong Hwa High School, which was a little different from other schools because it didn’t have its own medical support, so medical care was provided by St. John ambulance team. Participating in this ambulance team was my gleeful period when I was a high school student. Still, I clearly remember the reasons for joining St. John Ambulance, being a team member and a captain. There were several reasons why I joined this ambulance team.
First, when I was about 10 years old, I saw a motorcycle accident. It was a broiling day. I was trudging on the way of home and felt wobbly. Abruptly, a flying vehicle passed in front of me and boomed. An elderly rider fell in front of me. He was looking at me with eyes seeking help and stretching out his hand. His blood was flowing out ceaselessly. I was anxious and looked around of me. There was nobody except me. I felt helpless and sad because the only thing I could do was calling for an ambulance. However, the elder man died before the ambulance team arrived.
The ground was dyed red by his blood. I couldn’t forget this event until now and blamed myself. If I could have done something for this rider, maybe I could have saved his life; also, those medical skills might have been a help for my future. Conversely, St. John ambulance team was a well developed international organization. St John ambulance team was founded in United Kingdom in 1877; also, it expanded to other countries with the colonization by the United Kingdom. There is a great number of branches of St. John ambulance teams on the world; moreover, I could use its medical license everywhere.

For instance, I had a CPR license,which could provide me with legal support when I rescued a patient. If the patient died during my assistance, I would not get sued by the patient’s family. Being an ambulance team member was a very excellent experience for me, and I learned various lessons from camping trips and different services. My first camping trip was a freshman trip. I was very excited about it. On this trip, I learned about St. John principles. The principles were eight words: tact, resource, observation, dexterity, explicitness, sympathy, discrimination and perseverance.
If we could achieve those principal eight words, we could be an efficient ambulance team member. For instance, we had a Furthermore, I comprehended how important teamwork was. During the camping trip, we needed to find a partner to work with; such as brushing each other’s teeth, practicing medical skills. Survival camping was another lesson which inspired me a lot. On this trip, we learned about outdoor survival skills. Those skills helped me to improve my medical skills. For example, what would you do when you got bitten by a snake. First, you needed to wash the injury with clean water.
Second, you used a sterilized knife to cut a cross on the injury, and pushed the poisoned blood out. Furthermore, first aid services were extremely helpful experiences for me because I could attend to injured people on the first scene of accidents. My most unforgettable memory was when I needed to search an arm of a young guy at an accident scene. This event was on highway, and the driver’s arm was cut off by being crushed by a truck. I was ordered to find his arm; then, I found it on other side of the highway. The severed part of the arm was extraordinarily terrifying.
The bone was exposed; also, I saw a little blood dropping from the mashed flesh. When I picked up the arm, I was terrified and wanted to vomit. The tactility and odor of the arm was disgusting. I couldn’t have a meal and sleep in that day; still, I was tortured by this nightmare for a week and woke up miserable with every morning. When I was a senior student, I passed the test of the ambulance team and became a captain. Being a captain of a medical team was not easy for me because I did’t have experience to manage a team. My first problem was training my team. All captain needed to train their teams by themselves.
I didn’t have much teaching experience; as a result, my team was a disaster. My team couldn’t follow my directions and always ruined our practices. In one time, we had a rescue rehearsal; my term was supposed to carry invalids to a safe place; nonetheless, they dragged those patients instead. As a result, our practice were failed. On the other hand, I understood that “Great power comes with great responsibilities. ” I had power to manage my team members, but I also needed to take responsibility when they made mistakes. In a medical team, mistakes were huge issues because our mistakes ould exacerbate our patients’ conditions. One time, my team member used the wrong medication for a student. This student asked this member to treat his scalded. My member was supposed to use a medication for burns; however, he used another instead . The wrong medication caused the scalded injury to worsen. This student’s skin color turned from red to dark purple. ; therefore, he needed to go to clinic. After that, this student’s parent complained to the school; consequently, I needed to apologize to this student’s parent and wrote a report to explain this incident.
This incident was an awful experience for me. This indignant parent stood in front of me and screamed on my face. I was bashful and needed to smile to this parent. After this parent lift, I still had to explain this incident to headmaster, and it was the first time I saw incensed headmaster. Indeed, St. John Ambulance team influenced me a lot. I learned the value of life and medical skills; also, I got some medical licenses, which could be advantages for looking for a job in the future. When I saw those smiles of patients when they met with their family again, I felt the satisfaction of helping people.
Also, there are many unexpected accidents everywhere. Learning these medical skills can help me to provide some cure to injured people or perhaps even my family in the future. However, the most important thing was trying and experiencing different things. During school life, most people are afraid to try new things, such as joining a unfamiliar groups, meeting some new friends, or other. I strongly recommend people to try new things because they may learn or experience useful knowledge for their futures. Aiding others is the perfect medicine and remedy for one’s soul. The greater the help the greater the dosage.

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