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Sociocultural The article I read was called “Rich Children and Poor Children are living in different world. What can we do about it? ” by Neil O’Brien. The article is about the different life styles of children who grow up in a rich and wealthier family rather than a lower class family. The differences are abundant and it is setting kids up who come from the lower class families up for failure. The children that grow up in the wealthier family are around success their entire lives so based on the sociocultural perspective they are more inclined to be successful and have a want to be successful.
Compared to the children that come from a lower class family they are around failure and bad examples, so when they get older it is all they know how to do. It can be argued that it is not the parents fault entirely and plenty of people who come from poverty and lower class families are successful but in reality the number of those people compared to the number of people that do not make it to be successful is not much. The kids are doomed from the start because they do not know how to be successful whereas the children of wealthier families do.
The problem stems from their at home lives but it is not the root of it all, kids learn from their environment at school. The children of wealthy families either live in good public school districts or send their kids to good private schools to receive their education. That benefits those children because they are put in a situation where they can be taught by top educators with top of the line books and technology. Whereas the children of poor families live in cheap, affordable neighborhoods that most of the time do not have the best school districts.

That sets those children up for failure because they go to a school with less funding, so top qualified teachers are less likely to want to work there, the books are not as up to date, and the technology is not modern. Therefore the children learning at those schools are not getting as strong of an education. What O’Brien is saying in his article is that unfairness of education needs to be fixed and that has been an on-going problem in big cities especially in Chicago.
Once that problem is fixed then the children would be one step closer to being on an even playing field and would be more likely to be successful someday. Until then the poor children will just have to make do and hopefully breakthrough the sociocultural perspective that is holding them back. http://blogs. telegraph. co. uk/news/neilobrien1/100156897/rich-children-and-poor-children-are-living-in-different-worlds-what-can-we-do-about-it/

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