Ruth Chris: Fine Dining Experience Of A Lifetime

Published: 2021-07-02 02:59:43
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Page 1 Sydney Wright Dr. Bridget Brennan English 1000 13 February 2013 Ruth Chris: Fine Dining Experience Of A Lifetime There are alot of places in the DC-metropolitan area that not only I but others as well find interesting and intriguing. A resteraunt was brought to mind that fits this description. It was the none other Ruth Chris Steakhouse located in Baltimore Maryland just walking distance away from the inner harbor. Although a very popular resteraunt, not many people in my age group have had the opportunity to dine at Ruth Chris. The best aspects of this resteruant are hands down its atmosphere, service, and their famous steaks.
The atmosphere of Ruth Chris gives off a classy, romantic, upscale vibe. Through out the resteraunt featured relaxing warm red and gold tones providing the perfect ambience. The walls are comlemented by beautiful modern art and paneled walls. The background music is nice and soft setting the mood to relaxing and comfortable. The lights are dimmed to set that romantic mood and also relaxing mood. Everything about this resteraunt is impressive. Even the bathrooms are impressive. They have hand soap and lotin for your hands. The dont just have the average paper towels that you use to dry your hands, but they have cloths. here was not a spec of dirt anywhere to be found. This upscale enviroment will make you feel like royalty. This comfortable yet chic atmosphere is perfect for you if you want to be somewhere calm and settled. Not only does the atmosphere gives off a comfortable vibe, the servers do as well. Ruth Chris has excellent service. The servers already know your name when you are introduced to them. The staff are very kind and patient, they have an anwser to all of your questions. They have great listening skills, and give great recommendations if you are indecisive as to what it is you want.
The servers are very attentive to your every need. They make sure that your food is perfectly how you wanted it. They do not mind going back in the kitchen for a recook. You do not have to call on them for refills or more napkins, for they already do so themselves. They will even wrap your food up for you if you have left overs. They will not let you lift a finger, only to eat of course. You can automatically tell that all of the staff has had alot of expericence in the food industry. You can look at the way they carry themselves and how they talk to you. These are the type of people you want to serve you.

One more thing you must know about the service is that all entree plates are served to you piping hot with the food on the plate still sizziling. So for the love of your fingers DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATES!! Even thought they provide you with excellent service, the all time best aspect of this resteraunt is what they are most famous for, THE STEAKS! Its not an opinion, its a fact that Ruth Chris has the best steaks. If you are a steak lover you will no doubt love all of their steaks. Ruth Chris has a variety of entees to choose from off the menu. The one you absolutely must try is their filet mignon and lostertail entree.
This melt in mouth, juicy, flavorful steak is the king of all steak. Its tender texture is just perfect. So tender that it can literally be cut with a fork. The lobster tail perfectly compliments the steak with its juicyand chewyness. This resteraunt has so mush to offer from their relaxing atmosphere to their wonderful juicy steaks. Wheather its a steak dinner for two, a business meeting, or even for a romantic evening out, Ruth Chris is the place to be. Everybody shud visit there at least once in their lifetime. I promise you its worth your your every penny. This is the utimate fine dining experience ofa lifetime!

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