Renewable Energy Persuasive Essay

Published: 2021-07-02 01:58:36
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Renewable energy With the development of the economic of the world,the use of renewable energy becomes an extremely significant topic. The single form of energy,take the case of oil ,cannot fulfil the ecological balance and the sustainable development of energy. As a result,the alternative form of energy emerged as the times require. The aim of this article is that why human have to utilise renewable energy. Firstly,renewable energy comes from natural resources such as sunlight,wind and rain,which can recycle.
Apparently,this energy is more environmentally-friendly than oil which always contaminates air. However,some of them does not discharge greenhouse gases,such as carbon dioxide,which does not increase the risk of global warming,and there seems to be plenty of research findings to confirm this. Accordingly,using renewable energy is the guarantee of the healthy development of ecosystem. Besides,fossil energy is limited,in contrast,renewable energy is not exhaustible.
This kind of energy is controlled by some countries which own this plentiful resources and the demand for fossil energy such as oil is high. Consequently,the price of fossil energy could increasingly high,which caused energy crisis in history. This point is best illustrated with the example of the energy crisis in 1973 due to the fact that the main oil-producing countries adopted the policy stopping exporting the oil. Therefore,renewable does not cause this problem.

The third reason is that renewable energy promotes energy security of supply and reduces dependence on imported fossil energy. It is widely recognised that explosion would be caused by fossil energy. Obviously,the safety of renewable energy is higher than fossil energy. On the other hand,it could put a strain on fossil energy if renewable energy was not depended,which means the dependence of renewable is inevitable. In conclusion,this article summarize the reason of developing renewable energy from three pats of protecting environment,recyclability,and security. ALICE

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