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Published: 2021-07-02 03:13:50
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In this cartoon Luckovic shows how President Barrack Obama holds only one piece of candy only for a huge crowd of kids outside of his house. In this case the piece of candy is catalogued as a job opportunity. All the kids appear to have a worried face, doubting that they will get something for this Halloween night. On the other hand, president Obama looks like he is frustrated and not satisfied by only having this one piece of candy for all the disappointed kids.
It is also good to mention that all the kids have their candy bag open as if they are expecting to receive something even though there is only one piece of candy, even though it appears that only one kid is going to be fortunate enough to receive a treat that occasion. This cartoon shows how difficult the employment situation is at the moment due to the economic recession. It also reflects on the amounts of people that has lost their jobs and are waiting for a miracle from president Obama.
Obviously Luckovic is disappointed with the government because it has been 10 months since president Obama took charge in January and there hasn’t been a real big improvement on the economy. In the cartoon Luckovic how president Obama holds a big bowl with the purpose of showing how years ago that bowl was big because there were actually jobs available. Obama’s ears are also big and open in this cartoon, trying to demonstrate how the president is very attentive when it comes to the people.

In the crowd you might see characters such as a cowboy, a football player and Mickey mouse, all of these being important economic powerhouses struggling nowadays. Another important character in the back is Santa Claus with a worried face, demonstrating how Christmas time is rapidly approaching and there is a lack of funds available that are not going to be able to fulfill people’s wishes this December. Cartoon cited Luckovich, Mike. Cartoon. 7 Oct. 2009. 27 Oct. 2009. . Valzania, Gilberto MW 7am

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