Pelican Stores Chapter 2 Case Study Statistics

Published: 2021-07-02 02:31:57
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Analysis of Data
Pelican Stores; National Clothing
With the given data, it is feasible to find numerous comparisons and correlations in the within the numbers given. The most relevant data to the given case refers to the type of customer (whether or not the customer used the promotional coupon) as well as the number of purchases made using the various forms of payment mentioned within the data table.

As the Case Problem introduction stated, there were 100 sales included in the data set, using four different methods of payment, to assess the use and productivity of the promotional coupon. Pelican Stores sent out a promotional coupon to boost sales and gain a new customer base, relying on the assumption that the promotional coupon will draw in those people. The key notes of the data to note that pertain to the productivity of the coupon is the Type Of Customer column.
The data given is either “regular” or “promotional”. The “regular” customers are those who did NOT receive the promotional coupon, and are assumed to be already returning customers. The “promotional” customers are assumed to be new customers, because the only people who received the promotional coupon were “new customers” who had shopped at other National Clothing stores, but not at the Pelican brand stores. Another notable part of the data in this section is the Method of Payment bar graph.
Note that the “Proprietary Card” payment method indicates purchases made by customers of other National Clothing stores (the Proprietary Card is a charge card only available through National Clothing).

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