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Published: 2021-07-02 03:21:45
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MY BEST FRIEND I have always had many friends since I began to attend primary school. But most of my relationships ended as soon as we stopped going to the same school. Only my friendship with my best friend survived. She is called Lucia - as me. She was one of my schoolmates and we also were neighbours for many years. Although we already don’t live in the same town, we still get in touch. I usually chat online to her. We enjoy sending photos of our families to each other. Sometimes we spent an hour speaking about all sorts of things.
Mostly we have the same point of view of things and even if we argue we always find a way out. Lucia’s appearance has changed very much since that time, but her character has remained the same. She looks shy but she is like that only with people that she doesn't know well. On the contrary she is very sociable when she gets to know you. She is sincere, but polite, tactful and amiable. She is not easily angered, touchy, or hot tempered. She has still remained a bit withdrawn in some situations but on the other hand she is dutiful and consistent as far as her priorities are concerned.
She is a little suspicious and wary when people praise her. But she is warm-hearted, good-natured, tolerant and sensitive to other people’s shortcomings. What I like best about her is that she is always ready to help when it is necessary. She understands my problems and I can rely on her. These are the qualities of her character which I like her for. Although she has her faults, nobody is perfect, I really like her very much and I hope we shall stay friends in the future.

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