Marketing Concept for Environmental Welfare

Published: 2021-07-02 02:21:46
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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR MARKETING CONCEPT FOR ENVIRONMENTAL WELFARE From a long time ago, manufacturers are competing with each other to provide a product that can fulfill the needs of consumers. One type of product can be produced by various manufacturers. With so many manufacturers who produce things that can fulfill the needs of consumers, other producers with low marketability will automatically be eliminated from the marketplace because it is not chosen by the consumer. One of the ways to attract consumers to buy a product is to use the societal marketing concept.
Societal marketing concept is the highest evolution form of marketing concept, where in addition to get a profit, manufacturers are also trying to improve the life of the community (Crane, Andrew, Desmond, & John, 2002). One of the example is the anti-mosquito aerosol Force magic, where the manufacturer states that the compound used in anti-mosquito aerosol derived from natural substances that are not harmful to humans. For competitors Force magic, such as Baygon and Hit, does not seem to use the same content with the Force magic.
Some aerosols are using the contents injurious to consumers, but proved to be more powerful than the other content. There is even one of the brands of aerosol mosquito which was being pulled out from marketing because they contain ingredients that are dangerous to health. Anti-mosquito Force Magic uses natural ingredients that repel mosquitoes effectively but not harmful to humans. The natural materials can disappear in the air and can be neutralized by mammals.

We can see from the advertisement, a manufacturer of Force Magic also emphasized that anti-mosquito aerosol is safe for children, where children's health is one thing that considered by consumers who have a family. Consumers are essentially buying and using a product to satisfy their needs. However, with the societal marketing concept, manufacturers are not only provide products to meet the consumer needs but also provides effect or another impacts that are useful for the welfare of consumers and the environment (Crane, Andrew, Desmond, & John, 2002).
Would the consumers be more interested in buying products that are marketed by sales strategy of societal marketing concept? Societal marketing concept is the highest evolution form of marketing concept. Starting from the production concept, which assumes that all consumers would be more interested to buy products at low prices. Furthermore, the product concept assumes that consumers will buy the product with the best quality. Then there is the selling concept, which is a growing assumption that consumers will not purchasing a product if they did not get a hard persuasion .
Subsequently there is marketing concept which emphasizes the rational consumer and intends that all the sales should be able to meet the consumer needs. Finally, the concept of product sales in societal marketing concept is in addition to profit. Beside that, the manufacturers are also trying to improve the life of the community. Societal marketing concept intended to meet the needs of the target market in a way to support the welfare of society in general, but still implement the main goals of the company (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2007).
According to Maslow (Feist & Feist, 2007) humans have needs that stratified. Maslow's hierarchy of needs indicates the degree level of human needs. If the basic needs have not been fulfilled, the above needs can not be fulfilled. Maslow's hierarchy of needs starting from biological needs, followed by the need for love, and the need for security, the need for self-esteem, and the latter the need for self-actualization. Basically, consumers who have met the biological needs will try to meet next.
If the urgent needs have been met, then the consumer will look for products with other things that could fulfill the higher needs. Therefore, consumers will be interested to choose a product, in this case the Force Magic, because it can eradicate mosquitoes and ensure the health of consumers and families. Consumers should feel happier and more motivated to buy the product because of the good impression posed by producers which helps the welfare of society.
Logically, manufacturers will attract more interest of the consumer because by paying the same price to other products, consumers can get more profit. To apply the societal marketing concept, preferably all products must be in the category of desirable products. The manufacturers have to change the products they create in order to improve the life of customers in a short or long term. It requires many innovations and breakthroughs to make it.
In the field of anti-mosquito aerosol, producers should do more research on ingredients which are effective to repel mosquitoes and harmless to human. Manufacturer must seek to emphasize the positive effects obtained from the use of the products and reduce the negative effects of these products. Therefore, manufacturers use societal marketing concept to sell their products. Beside the benefits from the sale, they also meet the needs of consumers and ensure their welfare. It is also the main attraction for consumers.
Sales of products with the societal marketing concept can surely meet the needs of consumers directly and to guarantee the well-being of consumers in the future. Manufacturers have always wanted to get profit from the sale of its products. However, it should not make manufacturer forget about the customers. Manufacturers also have to consider the welfare of the consumer, which is the most important element in their sales. Manufacturers provide products that can fulfill customer needs and ensure the welfare of the community.
Consumers will put a trust on the products and choose products that can guarantee their welfare. In that way, manufacturers can still achieve its main objective, which is to benefit, and ensuring the welfare of consumers. References Crane, Andrew & Desmond, John. (2002). Societal Marketing and Morality. European Journal of Marketing, 548-569 Feist, Jess & Feist, G. J. (2006). Theories of Personality 6th edition. Singapore: McGraw-Hill Schiffman, L. G. & Kanuk, L. L. (2000). Consumer Behavior 7th edition. USA: Prentice Hall International, Inc.

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