Harm of Texting

Published: 2021-07-02 02:47:14
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Many parents and educators fear that the texting craze may have negative effects on teenagers’ writing skills. Because this is a relatively new area of concern, the few studies that have been done are inclusive. Everyone does, however, realize that text messaging is here to stay. Read the following articles. Summarize each article in at least two paragraphs per article. Then write your own opinion of the role of text messaging. (Everyone can agree that texting while driving is dangerous, so don’t get sidetracked by this point. ) Teens ready to prove text-messaging skills can score SAT points
Many experts believe that teenage composition is as strong as ever due to the revolution of e-mail, instant-messaging (IM), text messaging and the internet. Many teens communicate on a daily basis using one or more of these methods. As a result, many experts believe that this generation is more proficient with the written word. Al Filreis, director of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, has seen "the quality of student writing at the high school level go way up, and this is explained by the fact that they do more writing than they ever did. He believes that there's a genuine writing renaissance under way. Overall, this can help improve writing scores on the SAT, since it has undergone the broadest revision in its 80-year history. One of the biggest changes is a 25-minute, two-page essay. Other experts are not so sure about teens' competence in "real life" English. John Briggs, an English professor at the University of California, Riverside, says that “Though online reading may be thriving, the amount of reading that students do in preparation for college is sinking. He believes that online writing may cultivate informal use of language but it does not increase kids’ access to formal literature. He says, “Americans have always been informal, but now the informality of precollege culture is so ubiquitous that many students have no practice in using language in any formal setting at all. ” Some experts believe that although bias exists in scoring the SAT essays, that the SAT essay could urge high schools to step up their writing instruction.
Teachers admit that there is room for improvement and hope for renewed emphasis or writing programs in high schools. Many experts believe that writing instruction will get stronger. Problems associated with teen texting Millions of preteens and teens (ages 10-18) are taking advantage of the great options, including text messaging and picture messaging, offered with cell phones, PDA’s or Ipods. This generation is sending messages on everything including answers to exam questions and discussion about their secret life.

Many parents are concerned that today’s preteens and teenagers are on the cell phones too much, which diminishes their use of proper grammar and the knowledge of sentence structure. Preteens and Teens have created their own language as a form of acronyms over their personal cell phones. Some educators suggest that this new age form of messaging may be hindering today’s teens’ abilities to apply grammar correctly in their writing and social skills. Many parents believe that they should monitor the type of messages that are sent over their cell phones and assist preteens and teens in proper spelling and grammar.
However, there are numerous benefits as well as problems with the emergence of text messaging. It has brought a great deal of convenience, quickness, and a new language to our society. It has also created a very common but dangerous problem, texting while driving. The author of this article, Alfred Valenzuela, personally likes text messaging because it has many advantages. Many businesses use text messaging to remind you of appointments or to remind you to pay a bill.
But the author, as a concerned parent, is also worried about its effects on preteens’ and teens’ ability to read and write. My opinion of the role of text messaging I believe that the role of text messaging is meant to help keep society moving at a fast and efficient pace. Teenagers use text messaging as a way to have multiple conversations with people in their lives. It enables you to multi-task as well. Businesses use text messaging all around the world to give out quick information. It does not require them to call each associate one by one.
A text message can reach up to 50 people at one time. I play baseball and my coach uses text messaging as a way to communicate with all of the players on the team. This is efficient in keeping the team informed in a timely manner because he does not have access to email all of the time. I think text messaging helps with communication as well. It takes less time and less effort to send a text then to call someone. People are constantly on the go and text messaging allows people to keep up with their business and social lives.
Efficiency and consistency creates success. That is why there are constantly new upgrades of phones and other devices that work faster. Many people have very busy lives which make a demand for quicker and more efficient technology to help manage their lifestyles. I believe that the role of text messaging has been abused and used in ways that threaten the lives of people as well. However, overall it has helped society progress and achieves higher levels of success in a short amount of time.

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