Halloween Night

Published: 2021-07-02 02:39:31
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It is 8:30 on Halloween night as I am walking down the long streets of Clinton hearing nothing but children screaming, cars beeping, and leaves crackling beneath my feet in the cold, fall night. I turn the corner and see college kids and parents laughing by the Tavern as they exit the building. Making my way down the street with my friends by my side, cars are zooming by us like a school of fish swimming to get away from sharks. All of a sudden the group of kids I am with get attacked with shaving cream by underclassmen that think they are funny. A police slows down as he passes us to see what all the commotion was.
Realizing it was nothing he continues on his nightly route. Furious and startled we walk away slowly because we were not dressed for the occasion of what kids call “bombing“. Minutes passed and we decided to go trick-or-treating. Approaching a house with a long cobble stone driveway and bright yellow lights we finally reach our destination. Warm apple cider and fresh cinnamon donuts are passed out among all of the people. We make our way back to town passing little kids in a variety of different costumes. Also middle and high school students throwing eggs and attacking each other with shaving cream.
Dodging all the action we walk on the opposite side of the street they are on so we don’t get hit. Arriving back into town we see teachers, parents, and kids we know. After a warm welcoming of hellos we decided to make our way back to our homes considering it was a school night and it was getting late. Streets were starting to become clear as people decided the Halloween night was over. Adults turned off their lights making it clear they were done handing out candy for the night. Clintons streets remained silent as Halloween night came to an end.

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