Gardenia and Pepsi Cola in Laguna

Published: 2021-07-02 02:13:40
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We visited the plant of Gardenia and Pepsi Cola in Laguna. We arrived at Pepsi Cola’s plant first, in which they explain the process of production of their products then had a chance to tour the plant. From Pepsi Cola’s plant, we had a stop over at SM Sta. Rosa for a few hours then to Gardenia’s plant. There, we saw the production of their products by explaining the process first then saw in actual the step-by-step process of manufacturing their bread.
In Pepsi Cola’s plant, we only visited the part of the plant in which bottles of their products are located. I found it needless because I expect that we could observe concretely the necessary procedures on how Pepsi products are made or from direct materials to finish goods. But we only saw the bottles and already packed products. I also found their plant unclean for products are unorganized plus lack of ventilation.
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I like Gardenia’s plant better. They designed their plant in a way that there is an auditorium to present clearly and comfortably the manufacturing process of their products, which were intended for visitors. Also, there is a place for viewing the actual production procedure. I also like the ambiance and how staffs welcome and entertain visitors at Gardenia’s plant.
If I will rank our plant visit as 10 being the highest, it will be 6. Because I didn’t find it much useful in our course except the fact that compared to my previous visit, at least, I was able to relate more with what I saw like some notes posted on their walls. Also, I was able to appreciate the visit more for we already discussed topics relating to manufacturing companies.

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