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Published: 2021-07-02 03:27:09
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This is my first time that I come to New York, so I am curious about many things in this new place, such as the famous resorts, and the people here. As we know, the Times Square is very famous in New York. When I was in China, I hope I can visit Times Square, because I saw Times Square was very great in some of the opening of American series. Now, I am in New York, and I have enough chances to visit Times Square whenever I want. In there, it gives me a new horizon to understand the culture that is different from China. I have been to Times Square for two times, and I have a very deep impression on it.
It locates in the interchange of Manhattan 42 west street and Broadway avenue. It is interesting that Times Square is not a square area, but a triangular square. I must say it is really the most prosperous place in the world, although it is not very huge as other squares in our mind. There are many theaters, clothing stores, as well as some famous companies. The buildings there are very high, which reflects the boom of this popular city. In Times Square, there is a huge advertising board that presenting various kinds of advertisements, also including Chinese advertisements.
On August 28th, the first time I went to Times Square, I saw my friends and I were on this advertising board, which was very exciting for us. I heard from a local friend that Times Square is a crazy area in New York, because you can find museums, hotels, and whatever you want, and all of these things are full of popular elements. It only takes people about ten minutes get to another famous place, the Fifth Avenue, where people can see many luxury brands. Moreover, Times Square is also near to the Central Park, appearing in many renowned movies.

It is the symbol of New York City, and it also presents the luxuriousness of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Besides the magnificent buildings, people in there are also worth to consider. People must be amazing that there are various kinds of people there. They are white, yellow, black, coming from everywhere in the world. Some of them are the local people, and they come here to go shopping or watching a movie. Some of them are tourists, and they come here to go sightseeing, feeling the culture of American. It is a fashionable place, but if you think that only young people come here, and then you are wrong.
People from all ages prefer to come to Times Square. Young people can enjoy themselves, as well as elderly. Young people can find the fashionable elements that suit their tastes, while old people prefer to come here to watch a refined opera. Even the children would like to come here, though they are too young to feel the fashion or the culture, but they like the toy stores here. There are different kinds of toy stores and candy shops that are for children, so that children can be adjusted to their wonderful world. What’s more, it is a great place that attracts both men and women.
There are a lot of make-up stores and clothing that like a heaven to women. And for men, there are many sports stores that appeal to them. At night, Times Square is also a popular place, due to the various pubs. Many beautiful young ladies and handsome gentlemen go in and out these pubs, which is also a wonderful scenery in this prosperous city. There are diverse kinds of people come here for different reasons, and everyone enjoys himself very much. Every time I came here, I would encounter some interesting activities. The first time I came to Times Square, I saw a naked man, singing at the roadside, with his guitar.
I was astonished, as this was the first time for me to see a man with an underwear singing in the busy square. Many people took pictures with him, and everyone was friendly to each other. On the other side of the street, a band, consisting of four children, sang a song with their instruments. This band attracted many tourists, because they were so young, but they played very well. After they sang a song, all the people gave their applause. What’s more, people could see the staffs that wore costumes wandering everywhere. Every tourist could take pictures with them, if they wanted to.
The staffs were very kind, and sometimes they would tell you some interesting things that happened in Times Square. When I came to Times Square on the second time, I saw a group of people having a parade there. They promoted that Taiwan should become free from the mainland of China. They gave me their leaflets, but I didn’t take, as I am the member of the mainland of China. It was also worth to state that people communicated with each other friendly, though they were from different countries. They shared their experiences and cultures with each other, which could really broaden the horizon.
It is an amazing place that people will have passion here, and prefer to talk with others just like old friends. In Times Square, everyday likes a festival, because it is always a lively square where all the people can enjoy themselves. After I saw the place, the people, and their interaction, I got the deep understanding of the United States. I have to admit that America is the busiest city in the world. In Beijing, which is the best city in China, I have never seen so many grand buildings in one area as in Times Square. As Times Square is the symbol of New York, I can see the fashion of this city.
And I also find that people here prefer to watch opera, because there is a long line in front of every theater. From the restaurant, I can obtain the American’s taste that they prefer the fast-food, which is convenient and cheap. Furthermore, from the clothing stores, I can get their clothing style that the casual style of the clothes will suit them. In addition, I find that the United States is a diverse society. It welcomes all the people that come from every corner of the world, ignoring the races and ages. In Times Square, you can find there are different kinds of people with different races and colors, and they all have a good time.
In this nowadays’ United States, everyone is equal, and there is no discrimination, so all the people can play together and have a happy time in their life. Most people in the world prefer to have a chance to come to the United States, because not only it is a prosperous country, but also it is equal to everyone. As a result, all the people feel comfortable here. Through observing the people in Times Square, I find that even the old people have the passion toward the life. In other countries, like in China, elderly do not prefer to join activities in a busy area.
In the contrast, the old people in America still have the energy to join the activities and live a life that they want. In New York, everyone is very happy, and I can feel their happiness in their heart, from their expressions and actions. It is obvious that America is a good country that welcomes everyone in different countries. From the interaction of the people in Times Square, I find that Americans are very friendly to all the people, even though they do not recognize. The staffs there are very kind to provide the help, when the tourists meet some difficulties.
The local people are very nice, and they often share the local cultures with the newcomers. When I was there, I don’t feel lonely, because I can see the smile on everyone’s face, which makes me feel comfortable. Americans are a group of people that are full of passion and energy. They would like to pass this happiness to every other people, so whenever you come to Times Square, you will find that this place is filled with happiness. From the activities there, I would like to say that it is a country that is full of openness and freedom. In China, you may never have a chance to see a naked man singing a song in a square.
China is a traditional country, so sometimes it cannot accept the open thought. However, the United States is a country, full of its traditions, as well as its openness. In addition, I think America is a freedom country. Times Square is one of the busiest places in New York. Everyone can tell their inner voices here, not banned by the government. On the second time I went to Times Square, I saw a group people stating that Taiwan should be free from China. Although I don’t agree with this idea, I believe that everyone has the right to say what they want.
In China, this kind of parade must be forbidden, not to mention that holding an activity like this in a famous square, such as Tiananmen Square. Therefore, the United States is a country that people can have a freedom of speech. Here, people can say whatever they want, even though their saying may be not the same as the government’s. In China, if people say that Taiwan should be free from China, they must be banned. Although I do not agree with this idea, I think people have the right to say out their opinion, and no one can bother them.
I think that is the reason that why most of people prefer to come to the United States. People will be treated equally, and they can feel free in this country. The most outstanding advantage of this country is that every people will get freedom that is valuable to everyone. Under the visiting Times Square for two times, I can draw a conclusion of the American culture. Trough seeing, hearing and feeling of the busiest square in New York, I know that Manhattan is one of the luxuriant places in the world, with numerous great buildings.
In addition, I also learned American custom, like their clothes style and their food style. Moreover, I liked the people here, because they are friendly and kind to everyone, ignoring your countries, races and colors. From observing a symbol place of America, I admire this country’s openness and its freedom. It shows that every citizen is the host of this country, and every of them can say the opposite ideas. In fact, because of these opposite voices, the country can make more progress than before, so that people can live a happy life.

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