Computerised Environmental Control and Plant Management Systems

Published: 2021-07-02 02:21:09
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For the new modern state of the art green houses there is the ability to run a computerised plant control system which controls the heat and ventilation of the greenhouse. It is likely that there will be different requirements for the system through the year. Alteration on the computer programme will allow the greenhouse environment to be adjusted which will help the growth of certain plants. Building a state of the art greenhouse with a computerised environmental control system will enable Progress Plants to create the best possible conditions for the plants.
There is an array of climate condition which the Ventilation control creates. Moreover a computerised environmental control system helps towards greater savings of energy. And additionally help the progress of growth and plant management through a computerised control system. Additionally it will allow them to offer unusual plants at unusual times as they can create a season for the plants which can become an attraction if they bring in foreign plants which otherwise cannot be grown in the UK.
The staff in the nursery as well as the head gardener will have more time on their hands as the Computerised environmental control system will water and add nutrients to the plants and create a perfect environment for the growth of the plants, as well as the fact staff won’t be needed to do regular checks on the plants so this means hours of staff can be cut down which leads to lower salary rates or some staff maybe made redundant or they could be given additional jobs within Progress Plants which reduces the number of staff needed and the current staff feel more important due to playing a bigger role within the business which helps productivity.

Staff training may be needed to run the computerised plant control system so to save the business time and money they can be trained while the business is installing the system moreover it means that Progress Plants will not have to hire specialist staff which will cost more money and time. These changes will have to be made effectively and looked into as it can cause problems if they do not tackle the issues effectively. Due to using a computerised system to take over human roles there will be fewer mistakes made and there will be no need to motivate it as it is a machine which will constantly run saving the business money and time by giving plants heat and water when necessary.
But the computer may break down which means that it will not be able to look after the plants, moreover it will cost a lot of money to fix and repair as well as set up and there will be distractions of moving the plants into a suitable place of storage and can be unhealthy which will be bad for the clients. Overall, the computerised control system for the greenhouses if affectively installed, run and developed will create a huge advantage for Progress Plants. Using this technology will lead to an increase in sales and profit which will benefit Progress Plants. Also the plants will be healthier than normal and increase sales with the benefit of being able to offer an unusual variety of plants. Additionally it will create a bigger marketing opportunity for Progress Plants.

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