Chromosome 6 Summary

Published: 2021-07-02 03:20:10
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Summary of Chromosome 6 by author Robin Cook: Chromosome 6 begins with the murder of an infamous Mafia figure, Carlo Franconi. His Mafia competitors are the number one suspects for the shooting, and these suspicions rise when Franconi’s body disappears from the morgue before the autopsy is carried out. Medical examiner Jack is confused and interested by the case, along with his partner Dr. Montgomery. However, their attention is sidetracked by the arrival of a mutilated, unidentifiable body that has been found in the river.
The two doctors are disturbed by the appearance of the body, because it has been completely mutilated. When they discover that the body is also missing its liver, they go on a quest to find the reason why, which takes them into the dangerous jungles of Equatorial Guinea. Here the two men discover the scary possibilities of medicine and science and the unethical experiments being carried out on humans and animals. In Chromosome 6, there are two stories being told. The first story takes place mostly in New York, where the medical examiners are faced with the task of doing an autopsy on Carlo Franconi.
Alongside that story, we are introduced to Kevin Marshal, a 34-year-old geek who works for GenSys, a biotech company. Kevin lives in Equatorial Guinea, where he’s doing research using Bonobos, a type of primate. Equatorial Guinea is where the second story takes place, where Kevin must solve a mystery of his own. Along the way he is helped by Melanie Becket and Candace Brickman. Then, Jack and Kevin's stories merge into one complicated, unified plot. Although Jack is the main character in this story, Kevin is by far the most memorable. Both the group in New York and the one in Africa risk their lives to learn their respective truths.

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