Belonging Band of Brothers

Published: 2021-07-02 01:55:00
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Admat-2 by Matthew Humphreys, Band of Brothers Band of Brothers is a television series based on easy company from the 101st Airborne division, during their training and deployment to Europe throughout WW2. It follows the story of the soldiers and officers throughout the war. It is narrated throughout by Major Richard Winters from his time as a second lieutenant all the way through until he is battalion commander.
It is based on a true story and shows a sense of belonging that the solders feel throughout their time together along with a sense of not belonging felt by “replacements” and also by the soldiers themselves as they think of home. It has many links with Romulus in this sense because of the challenge that migrants face to belong and also through the hardships that Romulus and Raymond face with Christina`s illness. Belonging will be shaped by the challenges faced.
This can be linked to band of brothers through the greater sense of belonging felt as an individual because of the struggle and challenges that the group faces. Throughout the war individuals become closer because of the battles won as a group it gives them commonality to build on. For example after easy company parachute into Normandy they are ordered to go and take out artillery positions that are defended by several machine guns. These positions are targeting Utah beach and their elimination is key to success of the landings on that beach.

The German strength is estimated at 50 men; however the strength of Winters Company is 13 men, none the less they are successful in the attack. This attack is still repeated at West point as an example of how to assault a fixed position, the success of this attack gained much respect from both his superior and the men that he commanded. This respect allows them to work effectively together and gain a sense of belonging through this mutual respect for each other.
This allows them to continue to build on this throughout the numerous other challenges that they face as a battalion including the charge during operation market garden in which he led a platoon of men against two battalions of German SS and drove them back over a river inflicting heavy losses. This accumulates throughout until the men see each other as family towards the end of the war. This is also evident in Romulus my father when they first come to Australia through Romulus seeking out other Romanians, this is because they face the same challenges to belong and adapt to Australian society.
They gain each other’s respect through their actions for example Romulus allows them to stay with him and they return this favour by looking after Raymond when Romulus is unable to do so. Commonality is essential to belonging; this is evident in Romulus My Father as many of the characters are faced with common experiences throughout the book from living in a rural area, to being discriminated against for being a migrant and also in dealing with a family member who has a mental illness.
This allows those who have experienced this commonality to feel a greater sense of belonging. In Romulus My Father Raymond and Romulus are brought closer together through Christina`s illness and mental instability. This is also evident in Band of Brothers as replacements are brought into Easy Company to replace wounded and killed solider they are not accepted into the company as they don`t have the commonality with the soldiers.
They haven’t been in battle before and therefore are not trusted like those before them however once trust is gained through new common experiences allows them to understand and fell the same sense belonging. This is also evident as the original solider returns to the company after the Battle of Bastogne, it was the worst battle the company faced and because of this it was felt throughout the company that no else could understand what they had been through.
It is also evident towards the end as a replacement is on patrol with a Normandy veteran, the veteran deliberately forgets and calls him by the wrong name. When the replacement asks “when are we going to jump into berlin” he is meet with a replies that this is the best of the war, boots that are enclosed, a hot shower every night and a warm bed to sleep in at night and no trees exploding in your face. This shows the lack of understanding from the new solider and therefore doesn’t allow him to belong.
Techniques used in Band of Brothers include recount by winters throughout the series, another technique used is emotive music and enhanced sound effects. It also uses cut away shots during the siege of Bastogne, the camera cuts from Lt. Dyke back to winters during the attack giving the impression that it is happening real time and that decisions must be made that will cost lives. Sarcasm is also used towards replacements and all of the other soldiers realise what is happening except for the replacement adding to the sense of belonging felt by the other soldiers.

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