Animation Reaction Paper

Published: 2021-07-02 03:26:48
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ANI 206 / P. Trecka Reaction Paper #1 -Submit online (COL) before midnight. Max Points: 5 Screen: Gertie the Dinosaur, Winsor McCay, 1914 (U. S. A. ) The Tantalizing Fly, Max and Dave Fleischer, 1919 (U. S. A. ) Dizzy Dishes, Dir. Dave Fleischer, 1930 (USA) Write: Respond to one of the above films. Focus your analysis on specific examples from the film in question. Use the film terminology you are learning in class and in the assigned readings. Organize your analysis in an informed and spirited way.
Literacy: You are responsible for reading, taking notes and writing clear, intelligent essays that reflect an understanding of the themes, terminology and art of animated films. Basic criteria but not limited to: • Thesis, focus, content, ideas, analysis, interpretation • Structure, organization, logic, integration of sources • Use of Evidence, inclusion of relevant, specific historical evidence • Logic, writing clarity and correctness Written in the first person, subjective point of view - I • Do not retell the story • Save as yourname_reaction_1. doc (WORD DOC PLEASE) • Spell/grammar check • Approximately 400 words, 5 organized paragraphs. To consider: Framing and composition Themes and motifs Character design Setting Cel animation: Sometimes called traditional animation is hand drawn, frame-by- frame on paper and or celluloid/acetate sheets.
Iris-in: A shot that opens from darkness in an expanding circle of light. Iris-out: The opposite of an iris-in. Morph: Short for metamorphosis. The action is continuous and one object or action transforms into another. Reflexivity: reflexivity sometimes referred to as 'self-reflexivity', describes the process by which an animator or film draws attention to itself, reminding the viewer of the medium.

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