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Published: 2021-07-02 01:59:36
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Latest Fashion Trend in Bangladesh-A Perspective Study Fashion changes with the march of time in modern ages throughout the world. What is fashion today becomes past tomorrow and new and new fashions emerge. Evidently fashion becomes modern and ultra modern day by day. Bangladesh is no exception of that change of fashion. Obviously we have to study fashion changes in Bangladesh. We know fashion is a combination of styles right from the hair down to the everyday wears including shoes. Modern changes of wears and dresses have remarkably been observed throughout Bangladesh.
Women of all ages choose a fashionable and trendy wear now-a-days. They look for loose wears which is colorful but comfortable. Now is the trend for fashionable wears with variety of piping. As ceremonial dress women prefer gorgeous dresses and sarees of chiffon and muslin with blouses of various cuts and designs befitting to saree-wears. Along with three quarter salwar, women are also wearing dividers and salwar with piping. These fashions are growing popular day by day. Short kameez is out and long kameez has again revived their early place. With long kameez are added long or three quartered sleeves.
In university campus, offices and parties, long kameez and leggings are preferred by women of all ages. Floral prints, yokes, laces and embroidery on long kameez are also very popular now. In the same contrast color there is variety in dresses and wears. Of the casual dresses women prefer kurta and tops along with jeans and leggings. Kaaftan is now growing famous in ladies wears. Cap sleeve, bell sleeve, kimono sleeve, mutton lake sleeve cuts are given to dress sleeves. In case of neck designs various changes and cuts are also observed. Kameez, kurta, skirt or even bags of tie die and boutique are back in modern fashions.

Young girls like shoes with jeepers at the heel. They are also wearing flat shoes with churidaars. Ballerina is now on top fashion. It is old fashion to wear heavy ornaments of gold and silver. Time has changed and women prefer pendent with small colorful stones. Earrings are also small and a matching bangle or bracelet in hand. Men are now fashionable and casual in t-shirts and jeans. Shoe styles have also changed. Long pointed shoes are now preferred. Sun glasses of different cuts and styles with colorful glasses are liked by both young men and women.
Strap sandals are also a fashion item for the casual wear of men. But for formal wears they like full sleeve shirts with normal pants of different brands and formal shoes. Finally they are out for any occasion with light gel in hair and lot of confidence with a trendy look. We know a thing of beauty is a joy forever. What looks you beautiful, what makes you comfortable and what gives you delights and joy is the fashion. Today’s fashion will be left aside for tomorrow’s incoming styles and fittings. Such is the trend of fashion in Bangladesh which has to walk a long journey ahead.

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