An Appreciation of a Dill Pickle

Published: 2021-07-02 03:17:12
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Category: Poetry, Appreciation

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Sometimes I will think that if a loving pair, who have been apart for many years, meet again, what will happen? Will they hug tightly, crying, or will they pour out things happened these years to each other? In this article, I find the answer. After they reunited, they only recollected and sighed with emotion. I think the title has implied everything: the taste of the dill pickle is acerb and it stands for that the love between Vera and her past love is also acerb; they are destined not to live together; meanwhile, it symbolizes Vera’s feeling about their love: acerb rather that sweet.
Many details in the article are meaningful, especially the body language. The moment Vera met the man, “she raised her veil and unbuttoned her high fur collar”. It explains that she unloaded her defense, wanting to chat with him. However, during their conversation, she found that after six years’ suffering, the indecision on him had faded out and he had been a person who deeply knew the rule of society.
Vera felt that they had nothing in common with each other and she didn’t like listening to his showing off, so “she buttoned her collar again and drawn down her veil” , coming back to the appearance as she turned up because the man was not deserved to believe any more. Besides,the man’s action as “snapped the cigarette case” also indicated that the love between them should be stored in the case and become the past.

Vera had ever doubt that if it was right to abandon their love because sometimes she would still beat her heart for him. However, at last, she went away, leaving in a hurry and making people puzzled. She let everything go to start a new life. I think she would never regret. The dill pickle is forever a side dish rather than an entree, so is Vera. Maybe Vera could accompany him temporarily, but she could not keep him company all the time.

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